Ansuya Blom, Daß dieser Mensch, 1991- © Roy Taylor

Ansuya Blom at Centraal Museum Utrecht/Landgoed Oud Amelisweerd

Centraal Museum Utrecht presents a solo exhibition by Ansuya Blom at Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd, on view from 23 March 2023.

In the past forty years, Ansuya Blom (Groningen, 1956) has built up an oeuvre in which she explores the boundaries of our inner world of experience. In drawings, collages, films and installations, she unravels the complex relationship between the individual and the outside world. This relationship is often relationship is often accompanied by misconceptions and confusion.

For her exhibition at Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd, Blom creates a continuous architectural intervention that splits the rooms of the country house; splits but also connects them. On top of this construction she presents graphite-worked leaves topped with a selection of collages and drawings from the ongoing series Daß dieser Mensch…. Blom will also show three film works.

On view from 23 March until 30 June 2024


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