Charles Johnstone, NYC Storefront Churches & Iron Fences

Curated by Mathias von Marcard, NYC Storefront Churches & Iron Fences will be on view from 7 – 29 July 2023 at the gallery and is organised in collaboration with Jörg Maass Gallery, Berlin as part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023.
After Basketball Courts, Empty Swimming Pools and Hand Game Courts, the
series on Storefront Churches and Brooklyn Corrugated Iron Fences are
numbers four and five in Charles Johnstone’s specific New York projects.

They all deal with a particular detail of the New York landscape –
places that seem familiar yet anonymous. They all have something in
common, they are part of the visual fabric that makes New York so
unique, Johnstone’s eye sees the poetry of the big city in those
basketball courts, the churches that are virtually just a door and a
sign with an obscure name, in the Brooklyn fences.

With each of his
series, Johnstone presents us with a side of his hometown that is
unknown to us. He finds balance and structure, moments of stillness and
also solitude in such a hectic and sometimes chaotic metropolis.

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