image of painting by Jan van de Pavert

Jan van de Pavert at Centraal Museum Utrecht

Jan van de Pavert’s painting De Nieuwkomers (The Newcomers), 2019,  is prominently featured in the new collection presentation at Centraal Museum, Utrecht. See also the review in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. 

The Centraal Museum Utrecht has recently completely renewed the presentation of its collection including works by Jan van de Pavert.

From the review:
“What part of your audience are you presenting something for?” asks Rutten (director of the museum, HvS) halfway through the tour. Like a statement of principle, the rhetorical question is answered in the very first room: this museum is for everyone. Exemplary is the gigantic group portrait Jan van de Pavert painted of the ‘Newcomers’ in 2019, commissioned by the museum. The depicted residents of Utrecht’s Kanaleneiland neighbourhood are in fact a model for all people with a migration background; compatriots who are still too rarely seen in any Dutch museum, and whom Utrecht is now keen to welcome too.”

Rutger Pontzen in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, 18 December 2023.

Jan van de Pavert will have his first solo exhbition with the gallery in 2024.

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