New publication Jos van Merendonk

Text Mark Kremer, Stefan Majakowski
Photography Allard Bovenberg
Design Rutger Fuchs
Publisher HIDDE VAN SEGGELEN, Hamburg
ISBN: 978-3-9819511-0-3
For the past 35 years Jos van Merendonk worked on a consistent oeuvre. His paintings find their origin in one single drawing from 1983. In this drawing one sees a knot, an oval and the letter Z. These forms make their return in all Van Merendonk’s work.

Green calls the shot in Van Merendonk’s paintings. A powerful, yet introvert green throws the viewer back onto himself; the colour signifies green, but simultaneously questions the sensorial experience of green. After all, memories of the natural green world inhabit us, in our mind there shines as it were an eternally green slide. Mark Kremer, The Raving Silence, page 7.

Assemblage focusses on Van Merendonk’s paintings which are composed with cut out pieces from ‘failed paintings’ the artist has kept since the early nineties. This publication also gives an impression of a large wall-installation at Parts Project in The Hague in 2016.

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