Pere Llobera at Museum Voorlinden – Pere Llobera wins Sacha Penning 2019 award

We congratulate Spanish artist Pere Llobera (1970) on winning the Sacha Tanja Penning 2019 award on Saturday the 16th of February.

The Sacha Penning Award is a yearly recurrent honour to an artist, person or institution who highly contributes to the figurative arts in The Netherlands. The winner of the award receives a prize of 10.000 Euro.

The Jury awarded this years prize to Pere Llobera in honour of his whole oeuvre. Pere Llobera is trained as a classical painter in Barcelona, where he lives and works. At first glance, Pere Llobera’s paintings appear to be realistic depictions, almost like snapshots. But in reality they are collages in which he blends facts and fiction, often with a trace of absurdity.

To show Pere Lbobera unique and fascinating view of the world, Museum Voorlinden presents works from 2007 till more recent paintings in the cabinets of the museum from February 16 onwards.

Image: courtesy Hidde van Seggelen – collection ING Bank

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