​Pieter Laurens Mol @ Stedelijk Museum Breda, the Netherlands

Playful, poetic and layered: a description of Breda-born artist Pieter Laurens
Mol’s work. From 23 July, the Stedelijk Museum Breda will present a selection
of his work from 1965 to the present in a large solo exhibition called ‘ Night
Flight’, an ode to darkness.

This is the first time in 30 years that such a large collection of this
internationally renowned artist’s works can be seen in one exhibition. The
theme of the exhibition is the colour black and the various meanings of
darkness. For Mol, the colour black and darkness represent much more than death
and destruction. Since his youth, he has been fascinated by the symbolic and
scientific meanings of darkness, as they appear in melancholy or astronomy for
instance. His works, ranging from sculptures, installations and paintings to
photographs, drawings and graphical works, are further inspired by alchemy,
natural sciences, mythology, national history and ancient art. The exhibition
will be accompanied by special projects throughout the city of Breda,
emphasizing Mol’s connection to the city of his birth, including exhibitions, public
artworks and educational programmes.

Night Flight is on view from 23 July to 13
November 2022

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