Exhibition view Suchan Kinoshita. Architektonische Psychodramen, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster (Germany), 2022. Comissioned by Westfälischer Kunstverein, © Photo: Thorsten Arendt

Suchan Kinoshita at Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster

Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster presents a solo exhibition by Suchan Kinoshita. On view until 12 February 2023. 

In her “Architectoral Psychodramas”, the German-Japanese artist Suchan Kinoshita suggests a certain significance of architecture for the construction of memories. Through a “spatial drawing” that forms an architecture within architecture, and which is host to different objects, texts and songs, Kinoshita creates a setting that alludes to the diverse occurrences and entanglements of architecture in and with art and life. References to Japanese culture, fashion, childhood and pop culture as well as to the significance of space for the visual arts pop up, but never without focusing on the speculative and inventive moment of memories. 


A vinyl record of Kinoshita’s music will accompany the exhibition. She will also produce an annual edition (Jahresgabe) exclusively for Kunstverein members. 


Suchan Kinoshita (*1960 in Tokyo, lives and works in Brussels and Münster) has been a professor of painting at the Art Academy in Münster since 2006 and was involved in Skulptur Projekte in 2007.  

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