Newspapers, plaster lumps, blue steel shavings, keys, sewed linen jacked, broken milk bottles, nails, soap daunts, thistles on 9 steel tubes, 18 steel tripods, letterpress on paper in steel frames 1. The Broker – plaster lumps – The ceiling piercer dries teeth under acceleration 2. The Barber – nail bristles – The blister remedy makes the hair stand on end in terror 3. The Burglar – key crystals – The escape magnetiser saves up stratagem 4. The Reporter – Tuesday papers- The wrapped indicator predicates rising temperatures 5. The Usher – soap daubs – The slippery probe ensures perfect penetration 6. The Dairyman – bottle barricade – The zigzag delinquency determines victory 7. The Butcher – steel shavings – The marrowbone whistle instigates depredation 8. The Porter – linen drapery – The battering-ram harnessed for victory 9. The Grocer – thistle cover – The tibia tactics clears paths drastically