The parts have 4 main components / processes to make a finished part. Powder, Binder (colour), Crazy Glue, Wax. Powder is from the OEM. It’s a gypsum based material It refinement includes a specific particle size, drying process and some level / method of bleaching so it’s as white as possible. At this time I’ve not had enough time to create my own yet so I still use that. Binder is my creation and I don’t use the OEM. I’ve had a number of issues with the oem binder over the years, the largest one being the cost of $300 / L. But also variations in batches and recalls. OEM binder is likely created from the cheapest components for maximum profit. Not knowing what would be acceptable tolerance for the final product, my binder was created with lab grade or the highest quality product for each component, removing the variable of poor quality as I developed the formula. The base dye is from the largest dye manufacturer in the USA and the other components are all sourced from laboratory suppliers. It’s mixed only by myself and the formulas are held to no more then a 0.1g / 2000g deviation in mixing. Crazy glue was developed in partnership with Surehold and a 3M chemist. This was also done using the highest grade components to reduce safety issues when in use as well as increase quality. The glue also has a UV component protection in it as well. Waxing / Burning using pure and clean wax, dipping and burning excess was off rewets the part and removes any ash from the glue process as well as giving some minor scuff protection. As with any colour item, if it’s in sunlight it’s going to fade, nothing is stronger then the sun. However I have parts that have been in the shop and my house that are 8 – 10 years old and look just fine. They just might need to have the dust blown off them. As I have the tools here, every few years I’ll dust them off and re wax them. Any further info you need for the publication, just let me know. The company name might be better then my name. Lil 3D Printing. I have a new beta ink formulation I’ve been working on and if its not a problem, I’d like to print a 3” cone out to see the difference. I’ve done a few comparison parts so far and they show a massive difference in the punch of the colour. Happy to share pics too.