Harmen Brethouwer’s forthcoming work Single Form, facsimile of a menhir, 2016-2017 is currently being developed in collaboration with Factum Arte. It consists of a facsimile of the menhir “do Padrão”, a megalith that is located in the south of Portugal. Recent research into the age of the menhirs strongly suggest a far older origin than previously thought, perhaps going back six or seven thousand years ago. Menhirs are widely distributed across Europe, and it is the artist’s vision to create a collection of facsimiles of menhirs from various sites in Europe. What the facsimile brings to the original is the ability to transpose it to a context where we can see it as art without having to take the object away from its original habitat. At the same time the facsimile is more than an exquisite copy, it is also a new object, carving out its own place. Pricing: – Each print € 7,500.00 (inclusive of VAT), 6 unique prints in total, pigment print on Somerset 330 grams, 105 x 82 cm (framed) – Facsimile: POR